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I. Narrating in the Present (Part One)

Class notes:

Regular verb conjugations

The regular verb conjugations for the present tense are as follows:

ar verbs

hablo hablamos

hablas habláis

habla hablan

er verbs

como comemos

comes coméis

come comen

ir verbs

vivo vivimos

vives vivís

vive viven


Make sure that you do the practice exercises on this website that are located at the end of the chapter 1 notes.

On page 19 there is a list of verbs of which you need to know the definitions and the verb conjugations.

It is also important to know that there are some verbs that have stem changes. There are 4 types of stem-changing verbs (e>ie; e>i; o>ue; u>ue). There are example conjugations on page 22 and on 301.

Also, make sure that you know the meanings of the vocabulary on page 23.


Expressing duration.

To express the duration of an action, one must use the following formulas:


**¿Cuánto (tiempo) hace +que+ verb in the present?

(How long (how much time) have ……)


**Hace + time expression + que + verb in the present.

(I,we, they, etc have been working, going, doing, etc. for ???amount of time.


-¿Cuánto tiempo hace que tocas la guitarra?

-Hace 3 años que toco la guitarra.

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