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II. Obtaining and Giving Information About Class Schedules

Class Notes:

For this section it is important that you know 2 main topics. 1. Las materias académicas- vocabulary.

2. How to tell time in Spanish.

1. Know the vocabulary words on page 3 in the textbook. Make sure that you specifically know the courses that you take, or that are related to your major.


2. You also need to know how to tell time.

¿A qué hora….? means ‘at what time…’ and you would have to answer AT such and such a time. For example:

¿A qué hora es tu clase de español?

Es a las 4 de la tarde.

DO NOT ANSWER: Son las 4 de la tarde. That means ‘It is 4 in the afternoon- right now.’


Therefore use:

    - Es a la una.

    - Es a las dos/tres/cuatro etc.

to tell at what time an activity or event takes place.


    - Es la una.

    - Son las dos/tres/cuatro etc.

to tell what time it is at this moment when answering the question: ¿Qué hora es?

-When telling time know the following vocabulary:



y media

y cuarto

menos cuarto

el mediodía

la medianoche

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