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Here are the accent codes so that you could type in the accent marks and other symbols related to the Spanish language on your typed compositions instead of writing them in!

é = alt+130 ñ= alt+0241 á=alt+160
í=alt+161Ñ= alt+165 ó=alt+162
ú= alt+163 É=alt+144 ¿=alt+168
¡=alt+173 ü= alt+129 Ü= alt+154
Á= alt+0193 Í=alt +0205 Ó= alt+0211
Ú= alt+0218

*Don’t forget that on most computers, if you hit Ctrl + ’ + vowel, that will also give you accented vowels! * (control apostrophe vowel)

**Obvious tip: remember that no matter which option you choose, the Control key must be held down while entering in the series of numeric ASCII codes on the NUMBER PAD, or the Apostrophe and vowel keys!

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