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State University of New York at Buffalo
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Fall 2000

Instructor: Krista M. Sacco
Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-6:30
Office: 928 Clemens


Spanish 151 expands on the language skills mastered in SPA 101 and 102. There will be a review of basic and complex grammatical and pronunciation patterns, intensive vocabulary expansion through literary and non-literary readings, and extensive conversation practice. If your proficiency level is higher or lower than what is expected for this course you should see the Language Director immediately to find an appropiate level for you.

Fuentes: Conversación y Gramática 2nd ed
Fuentes: Lectura y Redacción 2nd ed
Workbook: Fuentes Activities Manual 2nd ed

*Casssette tapes to accompany the Workbook may be duplicated in Clemens 20 (basement).


Formal grammar will be presented on the first day of each unit. The following days will be dedicated to oral, reading, and written practice in Spanish of the structures presented. Therefore, it is the studentís responsibility to read the grammar sections of the units and prepare specific questions for the instructor on the first day of each unit.


Students must be prepared for class in advance. In addition to daily reviews, students are expected to read and complete each lesson before class.

Homework will consist of unit sections in the Activities Manual. Each unit has an oral comprehension section for which you must use the accompanying tape as well as a written part, with grammar exercises. Students must complete both parts and self-correct in a different colored ink those exercises for which there are answers in the back of the workbook.

Homework will be turned in at the beginning of class on the date assigned by your instructor. No late homework will be accepted.

Instructors will assign additional homework such as compositions , grammar exercises, and web related work throughout the semester.

No extra-credit work will be offered.


Attendance is required. Each student is allowed a maximum of two (2) absences without penalty. For each additional absence your final grade will drop one-half letter grade. Only documented excuses (such as medical excuses) will be accepted for removal of an absence mark. The documentation is due no later than one week after the absence.

After ten (10) undocumented absences you will receive an automatic F in the course.

Students are responsible for the material covered in class and the homework assigned on the days they are absent.

Tardiness will be penalized. Once class has started, late comers are not welcomed into the classroom.

Do not call the Department to report that you will not be in class. Instructors have their offices in Clemens Hall and mailboxes in 910 Clemens in case students need to contact them.


Grading Policy: Grades are computed as follows:

Exams: 30%

Participation/ Attendance: 20%
Presentations/Compositions: 20%
Homework: 20%
Quizzes: 10%

There will be three unit tests, as indicated on the syllabus. They will include aural comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing.

Absolutely NO make-up quizzes or exams!

The mesa redonda is an opportunity to discuss a topic or topics of current interest using Spanish only. The topics will be selected in advance so that all students may prepare something to say and take part actively in the discussion. It is a component of the participation/attendance grade.

Students will make short presentations on topics assigned by the instructor. They should be creative and innovative.

Students will write two (2) compositions. They are due at the beginning of class. No late compositions will be accepted.

Grading Scale:

94-100% A77-79% C+
90-93% A- 73-76% C
87-89% B+ 70-72% C-
83-86% B 65-69% D
80-82% B-below 65% F

The grade of incomplete will be given only to students who for some documented reason have been unable to complete the course requirements and have at least a passing grade up to the point where they could not complete the requirements. No incomplete will be given to substitute for a poor or failing grade.


IMPORTANT: If you begin to experience inordinate difficulty with the class, or have issues regarding the class that you want to discuss, please let the instructor know as soon as possible. If notifying the instructor does not seem appropriate, seek assistance promptly from the Spanish Language Program Coordinator. If you wait until the end of the semester, the possibilities of being helped are less promising.

Note: Dates indicated on the syllabus are subject to change.

State University of New York at Buffalo
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Fall 2000

Course Syllabus - Fuentes 2nd ed.

Capítulo Preliminar:


FLR: Lectura p. 3


Aug 29

Capítulo 1:

FCG: narrating in present, describing people

discussing plans

FLR: Lectura 2 pp. 12-15



Aug 31-Sept 7

Capítulo 2:

FCG: narrating in present, describing & comparing

obtaining & giving information

FLR: Lectura 3 pp. 33-36

Using the bilingual dictionary




Sept 12-19

Examen 1

Sept 21

Capítulo 3:

FCG: narrating in the past, stating time/age in past

FLR: Lectura 3 pp. 53-58

Redacción: un cuento pp. 59-60



Sept 26-Oct 5

Composición 1

Oct 3

Capítulo 4:

FCG: narrating in the past: preterite & imperfect

ser & estar + adjective

FLR: Lectura 2 pp. 68-73



Oct 12-26

Examen 2

Oct 31

Capítulo 5:

FCG: subjunctive/influencing, suggesting, persuading,

commands, instructions

FLR: Lectura 2 pp. 85-90

Redacción: un poema/una canción pp. 95-96




Nov 2-16

Composición 2

Nov 14

Capítulo 6:

FCG: subjunctive/feelings, emotions, opinions, belief,

doubt, denial

FLR: Lectura 3 pp. 108-114



Nov 21-Dec 5

Examen 3

Dec 7

FCG: Fuentes Conversación y Gramática FLR: Fuentes Lectura y Redacción

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